Hair Curl Patterns

What’s Your Favorite Hair Curl Pattern?

Do you like bone straight hair or the deepest curls? Each pattern is based on personal preference, styling options and your lifestyle.

The best part of wearing weaves, frontals, closures and wigs is that you can “try” any hair color,  style and curl pattern without damaging your own natural hair.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each pattern.

Kinky Curly / Afro Curly textures and patterns


Fluffy, full hair that can end with adorable little (or larger, depending on how you style it) ringlets!

The pros of this style include:

  • Looks natural.
  • Perfect “sweat” and hot weather hair as it is light and fluffy.
  • Is youthful.
  • Can be styled any way (brushed out, made into “faux locs”, braided, or with styling products – allow ringlets).

The cons of Afro kinky curly hair is:

  • Can look dull or without shine (Easy fix = serum).
  • Can get “big” when combing/brushing (Fix = finger-style /comb gently).
  • May tangle (Fix = use moisturizing creams, avoid alcohol -based products).

Like no other hair curl pattern in the world, the Afro kinky curly style will have you standing out from the crowd!

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Silky Straight Texture & Curl Pattern


Most people like this texture and hair pattern because it is the easiest to maintain.

All it needs is some natural-looking shine, a brush/comb and you’re ready-to-go!

Pros of this curl pattern/texture:

  • Easy to style and maintain.
  • Simple yet elegant styles can be achieved quickly.
  • Considered feminine.

Cons of this curl pattern:

  • Depending on the hair origin, might not hold a curl for long. (Fix = try using a dab of molding/strong hold gel or spray when creating the desired curls).
  • If too long, may make you look “older” (Fix = if you have an oblong face, make sure to add layers throughout, or frame your face).
  • Ends may get dry. (Fix = just add moisturizing products that are not too oily).
  • May look “weighed down” if too much product is used. (Fix = try different brands and products to see how your specific bundles or wig reacts. Remember, if its’ 100% human hair like we sell, it may act differently depending on styling products used).

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Spanish Waves & Wavy Hair Curl Patterns

Usually this style is also a top favorite because it gives you “effortless” styling options.

The hair is silky, smooth yet also can give you that “wash and go” style divas with busy lifestyles want.

Lets’ consider some of the pros and cons for this type of curl.

  • Wet and wavy look without needing heat.
  • Soft, romantic feminine looks.
  • Silky to the touch, with natural volume.

Now here might be some cons (depending on your preference):

  • Depending on origin, hair may need moisture (Fix = deep condition the hair once a week).
  • Might tangle at nape due to waviness (Fix = apply a leave-in conditioner to the nape and areas where hair tends to “rub” on clothes or perspire a lot).
  • May become “big” when running fingers or brushing. (Fix = none! You might like “big hair don’t care”! But if you don’t, add a little styling anti-frizz serum to your finger tips or combing tool to help keep puffiness at minimum).

Our top selling hair is usually the Body Wave textures and Loose Waves due to its’ versatility.

This category also includes Raw Indian Hair which is the top choice around the world for the way it can be manipulated to blend with most hair textures.

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Blonde Hair (Natural and Color Treated)


Although not a curl pattern, we included “blonde” hair (and any lighter hair) in this category due to its needs and requirements.

Both natural and “bleached”/lightened hair need to be protected from the UV/UB rays of the sun.

It can look brassy, can become “dull” and can look “wirey” without moisturizers that won’t “weigh it down”.

When wearing our premium Russian blonde bundles, closures, and frontals – please remember that it is 100% human hair, that is no longer being nourished from the scalp.

So when styling, we recommend using:

  • Heat protectant (especially when blowing out the hair, using curling wands, flat irons, etc…)
  • Shampoo and conditioners for blondes (usually will say it contains protectant against the sun and specific “light” moisturizers if you are going to swim in chlorine water, or if your shower/bath has “hard water and minerals”.)

This will ensure the longevity of your beautiful blonde hair extensions!

And always remember, this hair (whether a wig, or weave) is temporarily affixed to your scalp.

Treat it with care – and our hair can last you YEARS!