HD Lace Frontal Wigs

HD Lace – The Best Lace in 2020-2021

Gone are the days when your wig looked “wiggy”!  You can achieve the ultimate “melt” using HD Lace – frontals or wigs.

What is HD Lace?

It is thin, has smaller “holes” and can be tinted (when transparent) to match your skin tone perfectly (with lace tint, or your own foundation).

This lace has been around in Hollywood TV and movie sets for ages – and only recently has it become affordable enough for consumers to wear as hair pieces.

Why Is It More Expensive?

The lace is coming down in price as more and more manufacturers compete for our dollars, however, the lace is fragile, and can easily tear (including during the manufacturing process of hand-tying individual strands of hair).

This makes the cost of producing HD lace more expensive than other types of lace including the fine Swiss Lace and the cheaper French Lace.

Our HD Lace “Melts” Into Your Skin!

The term “melting” means it blends so well that someone would have to be all-up-in-your-face to detect the grids.

If you add pre-plucking and bleaching the hairline to customize your look even further – you’ve got a lovely wig or frontal that looks like the hair is coming out of your scalp.

The key is to customize it to:

  • Match your skin tone (use foundation and/or lace tint)
  • Bleach the knots (most of our hd lace frontals and wigs come lightly pre-bleached to minimize the grids. Although you might be able to make-do with using powder in the front), and
  • Pluck to suit your desired hairline. No two humans have identical hairlines, and neither should your wigs!

Order our HD Lace Frontals, Closures (which we offer in HD Lace too!) and HD Lace Front Wigs today!

All of our hair products are premium 100% human hair that we shampoo and condition before shipping it out to you within 5 to 7 business days from the date of your order.